ChadTough expands family to Grand Rapids

On Friday night, at every ballpark in America, kids like Pittsburgh’s Darren Dunlap, who are fighting cancer bravely, got to be apart of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Night.

Darren’s story is an uplifting one, as she is back in school as she still fights leukemia, surrounded by an enormous support system.

Support, comes in many ways.

In the case of Amanda Ruddy, it was a phone call to another mother, Tammi Carr, at a very difficult time.

“I remember being in her shoes, and I don’t think she really wanted to talk to me and I remember not wanting to talk to anybody because I was like that’s not going to be my story, my kids not, my kids going to make this,” Tammi Carr recalled of the first phone call from Amanda.

Amanda’s son, Tommy, was diagnosed with DIPG, the same rare brain cancer that the Chad Tough Foundation was raised awareness and research funds for the last three years.

Sadly, the disease took Tommy just 11 weeks after diagnosis. Like Tammi, Amanda was stunned that so little light is shed on DIPG and that prompted her into action.

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