Author: Amanda Ruddy

Approaching Diagnosis Day

It’s crazy how subconsciously your body knows when a season is present. Definitely feeling in a funk with the upcoming days approaching of diagnosis day and all that prevailed so quickly from there. I don’t even have to try to think about it. It’s crazy what happens to your mindset. This has certainly rocked us … Read More

Facing Another Milestone Without You

This past week we faced another first in our new life without you in our earthly presence… summer camp. As we sent off Isabella to a week of church camp, we were all filled with an overwhelming feat of emotion. More than I imagine the “normal” family to endure. Regardless, it was a week of … Read More

Summer Days

Summer is in full swing with all of the things we used to do with you. We sure miss your precious smile sweet boy.

Father’s Day

Another Father’s Day has passed without you. Another day being incomplete in this broken world. With time we are able to slowly see more joy, but when darkness falls reality sets in and the pain of your absence prevails. We miss you every day Tommy💛

It’s the last week of school

It’s hard to imagine this would be your last week of 2nd grade. You were so anxious to get to kindergarten when DIPG struck our lives. I remember it was the first time you showed any signs of sadness with the disease. When the school bus pulled up to pick up Isabella that first day … Read More

Tommy’s Honorary Enlistment Into the Army

Happy late Memorial Day. I thought it would be appropriate to share a few memories of Tommy’s diagnosis and his love for the US Army. While we were at CHOP, a group of soldiers from the Army came to visit him and provided him with an honorary enlistment into the Army. As you can tell … Read More

Isabella is Turning 11

This week brings another hard milestone without your presence, Isabella’s birthday. Hard to believe she’s turning 11 already and you’d be 8 by now! Gosh that seems so strange to think of you here at 8. We definitely miss your sweet smile and your silly ways that made every birthday even more special for your … Read More

Not Giving Up

Tommy’s favorite song during his fight was “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer. Andy caught wind of his story and even took time from his busy schedule to send Tommy an incredible video. When I heard his new song a few weeks ago, “Don’t Give up on Me” it brought me to my knees. … Read More