Approaching Diagnosis Day

It’s crazy how subconsciously your body knows when a season is present. Definitely feeling in a funk with the upcoming days approaching of diagnosis day and all that prevailed so quickly from there. I don’t even have to try to think about it. It’s crazy what happens to your mindset.

This has certainly rocked us to the core and taken us on a very crazy up and down emotional ride for the past almost 3 entire years now. From emotions and mentality to even physically changing us on the outside. I really hate grief.

Remembering this sweet photo just about 2 weeks before diagnosis and heading to the Whitecaps game for a summer tradition. i can even see the start of a crooked smile on his face. Tommy loved baseball so much and even threw out the first pitch this night. Love that boy so much and just wish I could hear his sweet voice again and hug that cute little face.

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